Ford GT40 MkII

Project type
Original artwork
Paper size
40 x 50 cm
Created for
RK Motors Charlotte in the United States

The story behind this artwork

We would like to tell you how inspired we were by the story of Ford beating Ferrari at Le Mans. But we were more intrigued by the controversy Ford manufactured by demanding the trio of winning GT40s to cross the line together for a perfect photo finish. If it isn’t obvious enough, we’re on the side of Bruce McLaren for the rightful victor and his car for the most striking GT40. Ruben visited the restored this specific GT40 at RK Motors Charlotte and even got a picture with it!

Artwork creation process

This artwork was created mainly because we love the GT40. Its bold yet slick lines are unmistakable, and we picked the best angle for those lines to express themselves. This artwork now sits near the original GT40 that won the 1966 24h of Le Mans. That’s right, Ruben went to RK Motors in Charlotte, North Carolina, to visit the real deal. He was welcomed kindly to an unreal experience with many outstanding cars to admire. But, of course, none like the GT40 MKII! And to express our gratitude, the artwork was gifted to them to accompany the legendary Ferrari killer.