Porsche 356 and 992 Targa Heritage Edition

Project type
Commissioned artwork
Paper size
40 x 50 cm
Created for
John from the Netherlands

The story behind this artwork

John is a man of detail and appreciates his cars as art. He enjoys them most parked in beautiful scenery like the Polder at sunset, joined by the distinctly Dutch Polder Wip windmill in the background. And his connection to the Polder isn’t just aesthetic; it’s where he grew up. It’s where he goes for walks to clear his mind, find moments of peace, and take some great pictures of his cars!

Artwork creation process

This was a particularly engaging commission to work on. First, the cars have very particular colors, and in John, we have a client who would notice any discrepancy. From there, the vehicles were set someplace near John’s heart, where we found yet another set of particular colors to create. Sometimes you capture one car with a challenging color to recreate, but we were capturing two of them in this case! The Targa Heritage Edition has an intense metallic red paint. You can tell how dynamic the color is when you compare the highlights with their bright shade of red – almost pink, to the shadows, which have a very dark burgundy shade. And the 356 was nothing different regarding how challenging the color was to draw. With a hue between muted green and yellow – almost gold – Ruben had to get creative with the available markers. Ultimately combining them with different colored pencils to get the hue just right. Then, finally, the Polder still had to be drawn into the background. Of course, the drawing was set at sunset, which brought more complexity to the color mixture of the picture. Regardless, this was a place of great significance to John. In driving to deliver his artwork, Ruben passed by this exact landscape. No wonder John loves this place; it’s gorgeous!