Porsche 718 Spyder and 550 Spyder

Project type
Commissioned artwork
Paper size
40 x 50 cm
Created for
Johan from the Netherlands

The story behind this artwork

Johan is the owner of Van der Gugten, a Dutch Porsche-specialised shop that focuses on creatively building better-handling Porsches with the help of authentic RUF and Cargraphic parts He loves his light and agile drivers-focused cars and properly enjoys them on road trips through the country and occasionally on trackdays. Obviously he’s made plenty of performance-focused modifications; a new exhaust system in particular. The fact that Porsche 718 owners from all over the country come to Johan’s shop for his performance modifications says enough about Johan’s craftsmanship

Artwork creation process

Though the initial idea was to capture the 718 in two different angles, Johan decided he’d rather capture his 550 Spyder as well. And this isn’t just any 550 Spyder, this one was a barnfind in the USA that Mark Wegh, president of Porsche Center Gelderland, imported to Europe for restoration. The restoration was complete right around the time the 718 arrived, so we got some pictures of it beside the 550 Spyder. That way, we’re capturing the cars like family, like father and son.