Porsche 935/78 “Moby Dick”

Project type
Partnership artwork
Paper size
30 x 40 cm
Created for
Our collaboration with RennEleven

The story behind this artwork

We partnered up with Sean from Renneleven to celebrate what is quite possibly the most insane 911 ever devised. He told us of his lifelong love for 935 and were immediately consumed by the blaze of glory that was Moby Dick. The sheer power output and bold view by the designed of the car had to be reflected in how bold the print would look, which was only bolstered by Sean’s preference for fire-spitting Porsches!

Artwork creation process

White cars are a lot more challenging to draw than you might think. Every light and shadow must be much more subtle than you’d draw in a colored vehicle. If you’re not careful, the car might come out grey! Luckily, the 935 has quite some decals and a striking Martini livery to boot, which helps create contrast and makes the art a tad easier to develop. One of the best things about this representation of this car is the angle. Admittedly, it’s not a complete side profile. However, this energizes the composition, showing enough of the side of the vehicle to highlight Moby Dick’s elegant flowing lines from front to back. Meanwhile, with the wheels turning slightly to the right, the flames coming out the back from a proper downshift under braking are in full view. Just imagine what this car would sound like at this moment!