The Keen Project Safari Porsche 911

Project type
Commissioned artwork
Paper size
40 x 50 cm
Created for
Justin from the United States

The story behind this artwork

The Keen Project is a line of Safari Porsche originating in the United States of America. They differentiate themselves from other Safari Porsches because they are a line of mostly similar, though thoroughly developed cars. You see, Leh Keen, founder of the Keen Project, has a particular vision for what a Safari project should be down to the era of Porsches he works with. Now, don’t get the impression that these cars are all the same. They are highly customized to fit the owner’s personality within the framework The Keen Project provides. Have you ever thought of designer cars? Well, this is the closest car culture has to that. Or maybe we should call them the Apple of cars? Making something as inaccessible as Safari Porsche approachable by way of a carefully researched and developed package? We’ll let you be the judges of that. We were privileged enough to catch the attention of Justin, owner of Build #18 in the Keen Project. The continental orange he picked is a dashing color that stands out anywhere, in any situation. But it stands out the most off the road, with mud and gravel trying to hide it. This is, after all, its natural habitat, and exactly how Justin wanted it captured!

Artwork creation process

The most exciting aspect to develop in this artwork might not be as orange as you think. Enjoying such a car means drifting it through the nearest mudhole; to Justin, that means his backyard. So it didn’t make sense to draw the Porsche at a standstill, and capturing mud being spit up by wheelspin was definitely something new to Ruben. What did make sense was that the trees in the background should undoubtedly be recognizable by Justin as the ones seen from his home. And, of course, Justin’s bright orange Porsche makes quite the scene at center stage!