The 5 most-asked questions about a handmade artwork of your car

Are you looking for a personalized handmade artwork of your car? On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know.

1 – What’s the value of a handmade artwork?

Your car is surrounded by stories and memories that make it special. It’s not just any car, it’s your car – there’s no second one like it. That’s probably why you’re looking for a unique way to immortalize your ride.

I use a simple, 3-step process to help you with this:

Step 1 – I get to know you and your car to turn the experience you have with your car into an exclusive work of art

Step 2 – I make this work of art entirely by hand, to capture your car in every detail as realistically as possible. Exactly how you like it best

Step 3 – The end result: A personalized artwork as a new, timeless way to enjoy your car

2 – Why should I get an artwork of my car right now?

You rarely take a break to think about what you have. Life goes on, from one adventure to the next. Sometimes it’s good to take a moment and look back on what you’ve accomplished. The steps you’ve taken, the memories you’ve experienced. The stories that make your car special.

For many of my clients, the artwork brought a new moment of appreciation for their car and the stories surrounding it.

This is what one of my clients says about his artwork:

Profile picture of Pedro's Porsche Cayman

Pedro about the artwork of his Porsche Cayman

“For me, the artwork is the pinnacle of my passion and memories around my Cayman. It’s a reminder of the good times I’ve had. And to be honest, I look at it every day!”

Porsche 718 Cayman artwork

3 – Can’t I just have a photo taken?

Taking photos is an art in itself. There are great photographers who can capture cars perfectly.

The nice thing about a work of art, however, is that you can create something that doesn’t exist in a photo yet! With a blank canvas you have the freedom to capture your car in your personal way.

That one winding road with the beautiful landscape? Or that race track where you take your car? With a sleek white background for full focus on your ride? Everything is possible!

I personalize your work of art based on how you experience your car.

Here are some examples of what that could look like:

This owner wanted to capture his Porsche 718 Spyder with the ‘ancestor’ of his car: the 550 Spyder. With a white background to get all eyes on the cars:

And the owner of these Porsches, a 992 and 356, enjoys his cars most when he looks at them in the Dutch Polder landscape. He grew up here, this is his experience with these Porsches:

4 – What if my car is not ready yet?

I made an artwork for several clients while they were still building or restoring their car. The artwork was a great example of what the end result of their process would ultimately look like!

5 – How do I find a good spot to hang the artwork?

I will help you find the best way to present your artwork. At home, in the office or in the garage; with the right paper size and matching frame, we make sure that your car get showcased properly.

Bonus: my guarantee for a handmade artwork

I guarantee that your artwork fits exactly with how you experience your car. I can guarantee this because I get to know your car and the story behind it. I follow a proven creative process, where you know what your artwork will look like before I put the first stroke to paper.

If the final artwork does not meet your expectations, you will receive a full refund.

Sounds good right?

Do you want to have a handmade artwork made of your car?

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