I had been following Runoff Studio for a while before I reached out about my artwork. After all, my ride is pretty different from your usual 911. Once I did reach out though, we went through the possibilities of how we could capture my car; and I couldn’t be happier with the process or the result. It just came out awesome!

I’m very impressed with it, and not just the car! Even though the artwork is completely focused on the car, the movement it portrays is spot on, and even the background – which is not an unimportant part of it – puts it into perfect perspective. I know exactly the moment and location the drawing represents, I could go sit in that spot just based on the background. And that’s not even the main focus of the artwork, which goes to show the level of detail Ruben’s working with.

That’s to say the level of realism is impressive. You know, when you look at something online, you have to think to yourself “okay, well, that was touched up to make it look better”, but Ruben’s drawing really does look like a photograph. People often don’t realize it’s a drawing until they’re up and close to the artwork. I would imagine that is incredibly hard to pull off, but Ruben pulls it off beautifully!

So, I think, whether it’s your vehicle or a parent’s vehicle – or just someone you care about – it’s a great opportunity to memorialize your vision of that vehicle forever. The Runoff Studio team is very passionate, and not just about art, but also about the vehicles they engage with. It’s just so nice to work with people who aren’t just good at what they do, but also passionate about what they do!