Being able to get and enjoy my Porsche Cayman was a big milestone for me. I’ve had great memories with the car, experiences, friends being there with me; but I was not sure about how I wanted to extrapolate the passion that I had. Let alone the emotion I felt back then with my car.

I thought about framing a picture, or even buying a miniature replica; but that, to me, didn’t have much meaning. I wanted something a bit more special, something with a process. This is when I stumbled on Runoff Studio’s take on the RUF Yellowbird and the then-new Bugatti Chiron, and I immediately thought “this is it – this is exactly what I want!”

The process to start with that was fantastic. Before anything was drawn, we discussed what my favorite angle of the car was, what was my favorite memory of the car and a picture or a reference that reminds me of the car. To me, the artwork that I have now represents not only a passion that I have, but also a job I had, my experiences from that time and probably the most memorable friendship moments I have all in one artwork.

So that’s what my artwork is to me: the pinnacle of all of these things combined. And well, to be honest, I look at it every day! And it’s kind of one of my main inspirations too – you know – to add another memory in the box of good moments. So yeah, it’s perfect!