Custom artworks to celebrate the Keen Project Appalachian Adventure

A one-off art print, limited edition postcard set and free phone wallpapers so you can celebrate the Keen Project Safari Porsches. Keep scrolling to browse the products and download your phone wallpaper!

What is The Keen Project?

Good question. They’re Safari cars built by pro racing driver Leh Keen, who’s able to make a Porsche 911 pretty much any terrain you throw at it. Each build is unique, tailor made to the owner, from paint color to interior fabrics.

But the most unique thing about The Keen Project is the community behind it. The Keen Project owners (and Leh himself) take their cars on yearly trips to put them to the test, and to drive them the way they were meant to be driven; sideways.

Andrew Huang

Art to celebrate the 2022 Appalachian Adventure

This year, 17 Keen Project cars headed off to the mountains for the 2022 Appalachian Adventure. The artwork we created captures each of the 17 Safari Porsches at the oval dirt track where each owner could try to go as sideways as Leh. And we decided it would be a good idea to help the Keen community celebrate that adventure now that they’re back home, with a visualisation of their experience, to keep forever.

Wether you own a Keen Project Safari Porsche or not; there’s a chance for you to take the celebration home.

One-off art print of your Keen Project build

Are you the driver of one of the Keen project builds, and did you attend the 2022 Appalachian Adventure? Than you can get a custom art print of your car, as a memory of you going sideways on the oval dirt track!

 79 99

Limited Edition Keen Project 18 postcards full set

Don’t want to miss any of the cars that took part in the ‘22 Appalachian Adventure (every Keen Project is unique after all)? Then the full card set is the one to get. Comes with an additional bonus card!


Limited Edition Keen Project 9 postcards set

What better way to take the memory of the Appalachian Adventure oval track racing home than a custom postcard set? Keep a few cards for yourself, and send some to your friends!


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Free to download phone wallpapers

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